Christmas List

It’s December. How on earth did that happen? When did it get so dark? When did it get so cold?  The only good thing about Winter is that the dark and the cold gives you a real reason to curl up on the sofa under a blanket in your pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate as soon as you step foot through the front door. You cannot do that with

The Muse Burton

Now that the nights are drawing in and you seem to go to work in the dark and then come home in the dark the thought of curling up with a good read is the only thing on my mind. That, and the count down to Christmas which, although a drain on finances, I am so so excited about this year. The Muse was my saviour. I’d been hearing about

Playlist #3

This weeks Playlist will be almost equal parts TV and Books related. My recent absence has been filled with reading as usual but also, and probably if I’m honest more so, watching TV Shows. I will be doing a List of my favourite TV Shows that have filled my life over the last few months but one show I have been watching almost obsessively, has been the Gilmore Girls. I

Monday Musings and Playlist #2

So, I disappeared for a little while. I’m back now. I’ve been absent now for a couple of months and it’s because I needed a little time to think. I didn’t want this blog to turn into one of those lifestyle blogs; not that I have a huge problem with people telling the world all about their lives, in fact I often read them and enjoy them especially if they

The Butterfly Garden is possibly one of the most f-ed up books I have read in quite a long time. You know those books where you think “what sort of mind set was the author in when this cheery little tale popped into their head?” In spite of this I could not put this book down. I didn’t even do my usual trick of falling asleep while I was reading in

I’ve had a bit of a stress of a week. But, I’ve spent every working hour with my headphones in compiling the most beautiful Playlist to help you come down from a week like that. So sit back, grab a drink in one hand and a book in the other and in darkly lit room lie back and listen…

Well folks, my first Monday Musings post is coming to you on a Tuesday. I agree with you if you think that probably isn’t the greatest start to this new category. Really I just wanted a little space in the week to just talk or scream, vent or splurge adoration on, cry or laugh or express awe. I should say first of all that I have nothing particularly noteworthy to say

I picked up The Wrath & The Dawn as an impulse buy when I was searching Amazon for a new read to fill my electronic bookshelf. I hadn’t heard anything about the book. usually I atleast read a review or two but this time I just jumped. When I started reading it, it immediately reminded me of Uprooted by Naomi Novak just with a touch of Aladdin and a smidge of Joffrey

The Ballroom is not a romance. I mean, it is, but in so many ways it really really is not. It’s so much more than that. I never once thought in this story “I really hope they get together” I just kept thinking “I hope they get through this together” which I think is so important. This story is told from 3 points of view, Ella, John and Charles. All

A Darker Shade of Magic Story Nook

Oh my. Where to begin? Well, maybe I’ll start with a little confession. I absolutely loved this book. But that is not how my relationship with this book began. When I read the synopsis of this book I thought that it ticked every single box that I’d ever put out there when looking for something new to read. It intrigued me. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love fantasy,