Christmas List

Christmas List

It’s December. How on earth did that happen?

When did it get so dark?

When did it get so cold? 

The only good thing about Winter is that the dark and the cold gives you a real reason to curl up on the sofa under a blanket in your pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate as soon as you step foot through the front door. You cannot do that with a clear conscience at any other time of year.

The other thing that you can do at this time of year which would make you look seemingly crazy at any other time of year is watch a good old Christmas Film. Or in my case, a months worth of Christmas films.

I’ve always had my favourites. The ones that I would watch as a young girl while decorating the Christmas Tree with my folks, and those that have snuck up with me over the years and melted by heart or made me roar with laughter. This is my ultimate Christmas film list.

10. Elf 

9. The Muppet Christmas Carol

8. Gremlins

7. It’s a Wonderful Life

  6. Love Actually

5. The Holiday

4.  Krampus

3. Scrooged 

2. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

1. Miracle of 34th Street

Do you think that I left anything off? Is there anything you think I need desperately to watch?


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