Always Emily Review Story Nook

I don’t know much about the Brontes. I don’t know if what is captured in this book is factually accurate, whether the portrayal of Charlotte, or Emily, or Bramwell were correct but I couldn’t use that against this book. In fact, you couldn’t give me enough to say a bad thing about this story. Every single line made me want to jump on the first train north to Yorkshire and

Behind Closed Doors Review Story Nook

The Premise of Behind Closed Doors is my worst nightmare. Welcome. This novel squeezes your emotions and then pushes them up towards your throat and makes you question everyone around you- especially those who you hold closest. I know that these type of books like to wrap you up in a cosy blanket and bring you hot chocolate whilst you watch the torrential rain pour outside and Paris really accomplished

Gracekeepers Review Story Nook

When I was reading GracekeepersĀ I was listening to the Purity Ring album ‘Another Eternity’ almost religiously. There was barely a moment of my day that I didn’t have those haunting vocals as it’s soundtrack, which meant that it became the soundtrack for this book. Now every time I listen to that album I am taken back to that magical world that Kirsty Logan created. I can see everything happening around