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The Muse Burton

Now that the nights are drawing in and you seem to go to work in the dark and then come home in the dark the thought of curling up with a good read is the only thing on my mind. That, and the count down to Christmas which, although a drain on finances, I am so so excited about this year. The Muse was my saviour.

I’d been hearing about The Muse for a while ¬†and honestly never thought I’d pick it up. I love Jessie Burtons writing but The Miniaturist took me such a long time to finish. I was in one of those lazy reader months where I just wanted something easy to read and this book was anything but. I decided to take a risk and although The Muse did take me a while to get into, it was so worth the first slog.

This book is absolutely amazing; it really pulled me out of a reading slump.

Into this

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And this

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It is set over two periods of time and space. One, a family living in on-the-brink-of-war Spain and Two, a Trinidadian writer who has moved to London to work in an Art Gallery.

I know I’ve stumbled on something special when I start reading a book with characters where their backgrounds, their time, their families and circumstances are so completely far removed from your own but you still connect with them, still side with them and are disheartened when your journey with them ends. This is how I felt when I picked up (and put down) The Muse.

I have absolutely nothing against duel time frames. I know that many people do but me, I quite like the idea of being tossed from one century to another, from one group of characters to the other but be given stories which intertwine so perfectly as do Olives and Odelles.

My Rating:

Five Bookmarks

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