The Wrath & The Dawn

I picked up The Wrath & The Dawn as an impulse buy when I was searching Amazon for a new read to fill my electronic bookshelf. I hadn’t heard anything about the book. usually I atleast read a review or two but this time I just jumped.

When I started reading it, it immediately reminded me of Uprooted by Naomi Novak just with a touch of Aladdin and a smidge of Joffrey Baratheon. I was immediately captivated, even more so than I was with Uprooted which actually I found rather difficult to get into and the whole book was a bit of a slog. I found the characters in The Wrath & the Dawn so easy to read and the story line was interesting albeit a little predictable.

I read almost half the book while I was in the bath…the water had turned cold by the time I pulled my attention away from the story. It was just such an easy read in spite of the topic being a little monstrous and not particularly romantic, the time just seemed to slip by as I read it.

It tells of Shazi, a young girl who is tasked to marry a barbaric King known for slaughtering his wives the dawn following their nuptials. She takes this on with confidence and manages to manipulate the young king. The story then follows her relationship with her first love Tariq and the King.

I liked Shazi as a character in a way that I don’t normally like women being written; this sort of new feminist wave of making female characters so completely strong and not emotional at all, to me it almost makes me think they seem dead inside. I see people as equal parts strong, courageous, emotional, loving, intelligent and beautiful and it disappoints me when a character is written in a certain way and you only every see that side of them. Shazi was strong and she was courageous and I very rarely saw anything other than that from her but she was written so beautifully and in such a way that made you like her almost immediately; you recognised her plight and you wished her well in her journey.

Most other characters in this book I didn’t particularly connect to, their lives didn’t seem worth becoming entangled in apart from Despina who was Shazis Handmaid and a really interesting character who hooked you from her first entrance. She reminded me slightly of Martha from The Secret Garden (1994 film I mean) at first, I couldn’t tell you why, but then as time progressed she developed into a much more interesting character.

All in all I would recommend The Wrath & The Dawn wholeheartedly, and will definitely be picking up the sequel The Rose & The Dagger as soon as I can. I’ve had such a strange year with books so far so when I pick up something that I wizz through and crave to hear more from really an achievement.

My Rating:

3 Stars

  Three Bookmarks

I know you’ll probably think that this is quite a low rating for a book that I’ve basically raved about, you’ll probably think I’m being incredibly hard but trust me, I’ve waded through some rubbish this year and 3 bookmarks is truly a mark of honour from me.

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